When it comes to ground transportation options, dry van shipping is the most trusted and predominant form of freight transportation available across Canada and North America.

As the most common form of transportation, dry vans are used to deliver all forms of general freight requiring protection from the elements, including automotive parts, furniture, building and construction supplies, paper products, plastics, dry, canned and non-perishable foods, packaging material.

Dry Vans are ideal for solid, non-perishable items that don’t require refrigeration. They can be loaded easily into our larger 53-feet trailers. We offer Full Truck Load(TL), Less Than Truck Load(LTL), and Dedicated Service(Multiple drops) Super Transport Solutions is a well established transport solution that you can trust with your logistics needs.  

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Flatbed shipping can be complicated—it includes basic open-deck shipping requests, intricate planning jobs, and countless freight configurations, each requiring specific flatbed equipment and accessories.

The logistics involved in facilitating transport via flatbed requires a company with a proven track record of safe, reliable, affordable delivery. We can oversee your end-to-end ground transportation needs in collaboration with our vast network of flatbed transport companies across Canada and the United States.  We got all the your flatbed needs covered included by not limited to: Equipment, Construction Material, Automotive Parts, Industrial Equipment.

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Super Transport is a provider in cross border brokerage services. Regardless of what your company is shipping from Canada to the USA or USA to Canada, the team at Super Transport offers a full suite of services designed to ensure your shipment arrives on time and on budget. We handle all administration of the cross border documents. New governments, new rules and regulations – staying on top of the requisite documents required in cross border shipping from US to Canada or shipping from Canada to the USA is critical. Our team of experienced professionals can help ensure your shipping has all the proper documentation to remain in compliance with current shipping laws, including:

For shipments going into the U.S. from Canada

  • Bill of Lading: Required at pick-up and provided to you by our carriers
  • Commercial Invoice: Document created at pick-up
  • Import/Export License: This document is necessary for regulated products/commodities
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin: Relates to specific products/commodities

For shipments going into Canada from the U.S.

  • Bill of Lading: Required at pick up and provided by our carriers
  • Canada Customs Invoice (CCI): This document is required at pickup if your cargo is valued at $1,600 CDN or more
  • Commercial invoice: Created at the time of pickup
  • Import/Export License: May be required for regulated products/commodities
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin: Only needed for specific products/commodities
  • Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED): This document may be required based on cargo


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